December's Newsletter

Happy new year everyone! May 2023 bring a lot of good things to all of us.

December: Christmas Markets

December was 100% focused on Christmas Markets. It was an intense month but I learned a lot and I'm overall very happy with the experience!

Then I took a much needed rest to get ready for 2023!

January: sale and admin

This month I've decided to make a special sale on my shop: the "January sale" collection features prototypes and less popular creations at very low prices, and I've also made a 10% discount on all other creations until the 6th of February, so if you've been meaning to get something, now would be a good time ;)

The rest of the month will be focused on preparing some new things (some of them I've been doing since September but didn't get the time to take proper picture ^^') for February! I've also a fair share of admin stuff and other less fun tasks to take care of, so I'm planning on doing as much as possible in these relatively quiet times. But first I need to get over that awful cold I'm starting 2023 with!

I have a main new things I want to do in 2023 for StitchStorm Creations: organize workshop (with kids or adults) to show how to cross-stitch on plastic canvas. I'm hoping to find a place to this soon!

As always thank you for reading this far and I wish you a great start of 2023!

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