Terms of Use

This document is a simplified version of  the French counterpart; the original document in French is the reference in case of dispute. Please feel free to contact us if you have any question.

This terms of use aims at giving a juridic frame for the use of this website and the services provided by EI Ninon Eyrolles, and to give the terms of access and usage of the services by the "User".

Article 1: Access to the Website

The website www.stitchstormcreations.com allows the User a free access to the following services: purchase of handmade jewelry and accessories. The website is accessible to any User with an internet access. All the expenses to access the service (computer, software, etc) fall to the User.

Article 2: Intellectual Property

The brand, logos, signs and any content on the website (text, pictures, sound...) are protected by the Code de la propriété intellectuelle (Code of intellectual property). The User must ask the website if they wish to reproduce, publish, copy any of the content. They commit to use these content in a personal context, any commercial use is prohibited.

Article 3: Responsability

Sources of the information available on the website https://www.stitchstormcreations.com are supposedly reliable but the website can't guarantee the absence of mistakes, omissions or errors. The information provided here are indicative and without any contractual value. Despite being regularly updated, the website cannot be held accountable for possible modifications of laws text that would happen after its publication. The website can also not be held accountable for the use and interpretation of the information available here. The website https://www.stitchstormcreations.com cannot be held accountable for eventual virus or malware that could infect the computer or any device of uthe User following the use, access or download from the website.

Article 4: Hypertext Links

Hypertext links can be found on the website. The User is informed that by clicking on these links, they will leave the website https://www.stitchstormcreations.com. The website does not control the web pages at the end of these links and cannot be held accountable for their content.

Article 5: Content Publishing by the User 

The website allows the User to publish the following content: photo, text. In their publications, the User commits to respect the law and the internet etiquette. The website can moderate publications and can deny to publish them without any justification.

By publishing content on the website, the User give the right to the website to represent, reproduce, adapt, modify and distribute their publication, on any medium.

Any content published by a User is their sole responsability.

Article 6: Applicable law

The french law applies to the service provided on this website. If an amiable solution cannot be reached, the French court will be the only competent to intervene.