May: Back in Business

Hello all!

After a little break to refocus myself, I'm glad to say I'm back with a lot of new things and exciting events coming up.

What's new?

I've been coming back to work these past few weeks doing what was coming to me at the moment, and it resulted in me stitching the biggest "Fuuuuck" banner I could do, because why not. picture of the creator wearing a "Fuuuuck" sache in black in neon pink

I'm slowly coming back to Instagram and regular content and releases, with a focus on new banner kits. I've released two at the moment (both in French, but I'll add some in English as well).

picture of a cross-stitched banner reading "Tout Cramer" (burn it all in French) with drawn flames around it

I also made a little saucepan + spoon pair as it's been some kind of an inside joke in French news recently, and I'm also working on a little jerrican and matchbox combination. Really going back to the "angry" part of my tagline these days :D

picture of a cross-stitched saucepan and spoon keychain

All of these were ready just in time for a little market in Rennes with the Coven Collective, I had a great time!

picture of StitchStorm's market stall, with a blue tablecloth and colorful creations

What's next?

Right now I'm preparing for an event next week-end as I have been invited to the Roller Derby Elite Championship in Orléans ! I've been designing a few roller-derby related creations and also stitching non-stop to have a nice stock.

I'm also working on more banner kits with angry texts (it is the current mood), so these will probably added to the website at the end of the month.

As always, thank you for reading this and I'll see you next month!

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