October's Newsletter

What happened during this spooky month? Mostly a lot of preparation for the holidays market that will start in a few weeks!

October: kits, christmas decorations, and the return of 3D

While everyone was talking about Autumn and Halloween, I was preparing for the Christmas markets that will be arriving very soon!

Kits: do your own cross-stitch création

I had this idea of doing DIY kits for a while, and finally started making it happen this month. I've picked a few of my most popular creations and created kits that allow you to make it from scratch, you just need scissors and glue (and patience ;)). These kits will be available on the website next Monday, November 7th!

I also filmed a video tutorial on how to use the kits, which was my first time doing a longer video for Youtube!


The kits are only available in French at the moment because I was not sure about the interest for my international viewers, but if you're interested I would love to speed up the translation process!

Christmas Decorations

I'm not necessarily big on celebrating the holidays, but I do love the ritual of decorating the tree and the inside of the house with my family! So if you're looking for some original and cute decorations, I will have some for you. Unfortunately, I didn't take any good pictures yet, so here is just a sneak peek from my instagram stories. These will also be available as kits, as they are way easier for kids (or grown-ups that want to start with an easier kit).

The decorations and decoration kits will be added to the website a bit later, I'm aiming for Thursday November 17th! I will send you an e-mail once everything is uploaded so you don't miss it.

Fun with 3D

I love doing 3D objects in cross-stitch but I hadn't find the time to do something in a while! So I took the opportunity of The Owl House Season 3 to finish an old project of mine and do a porta-hooty! I even made a fun video on TikTok about it, if you want to have a look ;)

Porta-hooty, reporting for duty!

What's the plan for November?

I will still be focusing on the kits as I have a few details to work on before their release. And I will be making stock of everything for the Christmas markets! A reminder of the release dates:

  • Monday November 7th: kits of existing creations
  • Thursday November 17th: Christmas decorations and easier kits


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