August's Newsletter

Welcome to StitchStorm Creations first newsletter! At the beginning of every month, I will make a summary of what I have done in the previous month, what I'm planning for the next weeks, and I'll give you an estimate date for shop updates if there's any!

August: new website, summer market, and experimentation

I didn't work full time in August because of my health, but I still did a fair amount of things! I'm still finding my footing in this new work and trying to find the rhythm that suits me, but I'm full of ideas and motivation!

Bye Etsy, hello Shopify!

First, I worked a lot on this new website (hey, you're here!), meaning discovering how Shopify works, choosing colors and a theme, re-taking all the product pictures, re-writing all the product descriptions, translating everything in French... All of this for a shop update on the 18th that went very well with almost no hiccup! Thanks a lot to everyone who made an oder <3 I'm really happy with Shopify so far, I can do so much more stuff than on Etsy (like this newsletter).

Summer Market

Then I had to get back in the game of physical events! It had been a while and I was missing some basic stuff (like, a table), so most of the preparation was shopping and making as much creations as I could. The weather was really nice, the people were super curious about my work, and once again I was amazed by the kindness of other creators!

picture of StitchStorm's market table, outside in a sunny green area, showcasing their colorful pins, keychains and earrings


I also made some new stuff this month! I had some inquiries about bracelets last year, so I decided to experiment. I'm getting the hang of these knots! They are still very early-stage so I don't have any pretty picture, but my first beta-tester has one on the field right now ;)

And for something a bit new but not that different, I finally gave a try at plastic canvas with a bigger count! This just means that the holes are bigger and thus the final design is also naturally bigger. Usually it is used with wool, which is why I hadn't tried it yet, but it actually works very well too with embroidery thread, you just have to put *a lot* of it... I've used it on my market table so that people may see a bit more easily what I do!

logo of StitchStorm Creations, depicting a pixelated smiling cloud and the name

First Physical Shop

Very early in September, I also left a bunch of my creations in a little shop near Rennes. It's absolutely adorable, with a lot of talented creators. I have to go there a few days a month as part of the renting contract, and I'm really excited to learn more about selling physically!

September: what's next?

This month is going to be a bit on the quiet side, because I'll be leaving for two weeks of vacation. This week, I'm working on this newsletter and cleaning some loose ends (a few products are not translated, some admin stuff, making more stock) and then I'll be pressing Pause for two weeks (or at least I'll be trying, it's going to be hard to stop working completely ^^'). When I'm back, I will start to prepare Halloween : I have four designs from last year that are still very cute, but I also want to do a few more *and* some wall decorations with that big plastic canvas that I mentioned! Which means I will have to decide between using tons of thread or finding some nice wool that would work! Next shop update will probably be early October with the Halloween designs, so that you can shop all your accessories for the 31 without pressure ;)

Thank you

Hey if you read this far, tank you so much!! Hope this was interesting, don't hesitate to give me some feedback for stuff you would like to hear/see more about <3

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