September's Newsletter

A bit of an early newsletter for this month, as I wanted to announce the next shop update!

Next shop update will happen on Wednesday October 5th at 6 PM (Central European Time) and will be Halloween-themed!

This update will contain different types of creations, some new, some are just retake at old ideas!


Last year little spiders, bats, ghosts and pumpkins are still as cute as ever! They will be joined by two new designs (you can spot one on the picture above) as well as pins and keychains versions!


If only real spiders were so cute!

Wall decorations

You can see that there are a few bigger creations on the grid, those are my first try at wall decorations! If you're in the process of halloween-ing your home, these will be perfect.

Should I have put the thread so this cute little bat would hang upside down?

Oracle cards

Some of you might remember the oracle cards I made for a friend last year. Oracle cards are like tarot cards but without specific themes/illustrations, so I can actually do whatever I feel like doing! This is a very fun exercice (they're very small, and I as a rule I do not prototype them but just go with the flow) and I really like how they look. They are not finished yet so that you can choose if you want them as an earring, a pin, or maybe just the backing so you use them as cards! I've only done one of each for the moment but I might redo some designs if they are popular.

Don't they look cute like that?

I will post more pictures on my socials in the following week, but you will find all of these next Wednesday on the website! Thank you for reading as always <3

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